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The FIHRM Conference 2010-2012 were held under the patronage of UNESCO.


In support of FIHRM


"I support the Federation of International Human Rights Museums Conference as its main objective is to make a difference and help change the world for the better, morally and spiritually.  So let us glance briefly over our shoulders before turning our gaze to the future as we must honour the suffering and sacrifices of our ancestors and never allow ourselves to become our own slave masters. For the sake of our children."

Baroness Floella Benjamin, OBE


"On behalf of INTERCOM I welcome the initiative of National Museums Liverpool in hosting the 2011 Federation of International Human Rights Museums conference. The establishment and growth of the Federation is a very important development in the international museum community and reflects a commitment from many museums to tackle human rights and other difficult issues in a public way. The Torreon Declaration passed by INTERCOM in 2009 states that it is a fundamental responsibility of museums, wherever possible, to be active in promoting diversity and human rights, respect and equality for people of all origins, beliefs and background. This conference is an important opportunity for these ideas to be explored in depth and to reaffirm the commitment made in the Declaration."

Greg McManus, Former President INTERCOM, CEO Waitangi National Trust, New Zealand


In support of FIHRM 2010

"All human rights museums share similar challenges in dealing with difficult, and often controversial subjects. So I want to congratulate the National Museums Liverpool in taking the lead in establishing a Federation of International Human Rights Museums and in holding this inaugural Conference, bringing together like-minded institutions from all over the world to debate how these issues can be tackled collectively. May I wish this Conference every success this year and in the years to come. "

Cherie Booth, QC


"I'm proud that Liverpool is hosting and leading on a conference of such international importance. I'm pleased that museums which have a vital role in exploring and explaining issues around human rights to millions of people want to come together to deal with racism and discrimination. I wish FIHRM every success."

Councillor Joe Anderson, Leader Liverpool City Council

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