Conference 2018

FIHRM 2018

Contemporary Collections: contested and powerful

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Winnipeg, Canada

24-26 September 2018

The 2018 conference  was hosted by FIHRM founding member, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and in collaboration with COMCOL (International ICOM Committee on Contemporary Collecting). The conference explored the increasingly dynamic role that museum collections play in not only preserving the present and the past for future generations, but in leveraging their power to promote democracy, human rights and effect global change.

You can download the presentations from our speakers below.


Keynote: Soft Power and Collecting in human rights museums
Gail Lord, CO Founder, Lord Cultural Resources, Canada

Keynote:New Challenges for Human Rights Museums
David Fleming, FIHRM President, Liverpool Hope University, UK

War memorials and human rights education – how can they be combined?
Eystein Markusson, Narvik War & Peace Centre, Norway

Anti Slavery in UK Museums: from public memorials to active campaign spaces
Rebecca Nelson, Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation, University of Hull, UK

Shaking Audiences, Making the Comfortable Uncomfortable and the Uncomfortable Comfortable
Daniel Tarnopolsky, Museo Sitio de Memoria ESMA, Argentina

Object Days – Collecting Jewish Migration and Contemporary Life in Germany since 1945
Alina Grimova, Jewish Museum Berlin, Germany

Challenges of Collections addressing Human Rights Atrocities (1)
Challenges of Collections Addressing Human Rights Atrocities (2)
Jennifer Orange,University of Toronto, Canada
Joan Simalchik, University of Toronto, Canada

Have you seen our Grandmother: The Search of the Ancestors of the Klahoose Peoples
Jodi Simkin, Klahoose First Nationa, Canada


Keynote: The South African Apartheid Museum
Christopher Till, Apartheid Museum, South Africa

Keynote: What difference does it make?
Janet Dugdale, National Museums Liverpool, UK

The Museum of Movements – People and Ideas in Motion
Roxana Ortiz, Armando Perla, Museum of Movements, Sweden

Museum Queeries: Thinking Through the Museum
Nicole Ritchie, Thiane Diop, Jesse Falk, Jana Elazar, York University Canada

How to document the historical case of the Holocaust while engaging with human rights today at Kazerne Dossin
Veerle van den Daelen, Kazerne Dossin, Belgium

Rights in flight: the child’s perspective
Hanne Steien, Centre for the Study of Holocaust and Religious Minorities, Sweden

A new approach for diversity: intersectional politics
Sinem Cerrah, Reinwardt Academy, Netherlands

Confronting Tragedy: the first step for human rights awareness: Special exhibition “Jeju4.3 is Now Our History
Park Hyun, National Museum of Contemporary History, South Korea

Suiheisha and Hyeongpyeng: records of cross border solidarity between two minorities
Komai Tadayuki, Suiheisha History Museum, Japan

Value in Context: Material Culture and Treblinka
Robert M. Ehrenreich, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, USA

20 years after the massacre of Acteal, the women of X’Oyep de Pedro Valtierra
Elias Andrade Robles, MUseo Legislative Sentimentos de la Nacion, Mexico

Herstory in Asia Pacific: a virtual museum collection project
LAI Ying-Ying, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taiwan

Collecting without a collection? Challenges in Dealing with Immaterial Values
Henrike Claussen, Memorium Nuremberg, Germany


Keynote: the development and growth of FIHRM Latin America
Susana Meden, FIHRM-LA, Argentina