Conference 2014

The Social Impact of Museums

1-4 May 2014, Taipei, Taiwan

A successful first conference in Asia

Nearly 200 delegates attended the FIHRM conference in Taiwan with many international speakers from around the world. The conference was based on the notion that museums have to be more active in trying to reconsider their social value so that they can fulfill their duty of social responsibility. INTERCOM together FIHRM discussed The Social Impact of Museums and underlying challenges in contemporary museum management looking at issues such as value, empowerment, social enterprise and memory and demonstrating value and impact.

FIHRM is delighted to welcome conference organiser Professor Ying Ying LAI, Director, Graduate School of Arts Management & Cultural Policy, and Research Center of Museum Studies, National Taiwan University of Arts, as the FIHRM Council Member representing Asia.

As a conclusion to the conference, INTERCOM, the ICOM International Committee on Museum Management proposed the Taipei 2014 Declaration, which FIHRM wholly endorses.

Papers from the conference

Read a series of papers from the sessions and keynote speeches below

Do Museums Change Lives? 9th Stephen Weil Memorial Lecture (INTERCOM)
David Fleming, FIHRM President, Director, National Museums Liverpool UK

Between education, remembrance and entertainment- Politics of Memory and Exhibition in post -wall Germany
Yu-Juin Wang, Professor of Liberal Art Education, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

Building a self sustainable art learning community from scratch: the case of the Arocena Institute
Sergio Garza Orellana, Curator, Arocena Museum, Mexico