Conference 2019

FIHRM 2019

Active communities and global networks

held during the ICOM 2019 General Conference, Kyoto, Japan

We are pleased to be part of the ICOM 2019 General Conference and will hold three sessions with a focus on human rights and their role in museums in line with the overall theme of ICOM 2019: Museums as cultural cubs: the future of tradition. You can now look at our detailed programme.

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Full Programme

2 September 2019

Joint Session with IC-MEMO: How Museums say the unfathomable: Voices from former colonial territories of Japan

We will be looking at narratives on Imperial Army war crimes and its representation in museums. 

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3 September 2019

Active Communities


 Is it the duty of museums to actively engage in current issues including, human rights, discrimination, contested histories, and decolonisation?  Can museums make a difference? Whose stories should they tell?
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Official launch:
FIHRM-Asia Pacific


Join us  on 3 September at the Taiwan Exhibition stand to launch FIHRM’s latest regional alliance FIHRM-Asia Pacific. Hear about  our new regional network that will enable stronger dialogue for  human rights museums in the Asia-Pacific region

4 September 2019

Global Networks


Can museums be the catalyst to make a difference to local, national and international campaigns? What are the benefits of this international work and how can we best share skills and exchange knowledge?
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5 September

Offsite workshop: Museums, human rights and climate activism


How should museums respond to the calls for action in the face of the climate emergency and in an effort to promote and protect human rights? What should a call to action from museums look like?
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