FIHRM Asia Pacific – A new regional alliance!


We are delighted to work with the National Human Rights Museum in Taiwan who will be the host of FIHRM’s new Asia-Pacific branch. FIHRM AP will address regional human rights violations arising from colonialism, war and autocracy while pushing for transitional justice, dialogue and reconciliation. It is FIHRM’s second regional alliance following the launch of FIHRM Latin America in 2017. The mission of FIHRM-AP is to become a platform for open dialogue on human rights across the whole Asia-Pacific region. The alliance aims to reach out to museums, memorials, sites of historical importance.

FIHRM President, David Fleming said: “It’s very, very wonderful. I can’t think of anywhere that is a better place to launch FIHRM-AP than in Taiwan,” he said. Operating out of Taiwan’s National Human Rights Museum should help FIHRM-AP promote greater awareness of these inalienable rights and facilitate dialogue on related issues unique to the Asia-Pacific.”

Taiwan’s Deputy Minister of Culture  Hsiao Tsung-huang extended his support for FIHRM- AP and hopes that it can contribute to the work that museums are doing to  “better realize the universal values of justice and fairness.”

Link: National Taiwan Human Rights Museum 

The launch was widely covered in the Taiwanese press and you can read a detailed article here.