Conference 2017

FIHRM 2017: Museums, Democracy and Human Rights
Challenges and dilemmas in storytelling

28-30 November 2017

Museo Internacional para la Democracia Rosario, Argentina

Conference Languages: English / Español


Museums dealing with human rights are increasingly prominent around the world. These museums often deal with difficult, and sometimes recent, histories and address challenging subjects such as oppression, abuse, conflict, discrimination, or censorship. How do these museums capture the interest of the public? What can they do to ensure the younger generations understand the extent of what has happened, and the consequences in today’s society?

Despite some lessons learnt from the past, there are still many people and communities whose rights are being violated every day. Wars, dictatorships, exiles, exterminations, slavery, discrimination, exclusion are some of the issues that occupy a central place in the narratives of human rights museums.

The aim is not only to talk of the past and its legacy, but also the political and social circumstances that have brought about the very creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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