Conference Programme

Special guest speakers

Full Programme

Programme FIHRM 2017 (download PDF)

Day 1 (November 28, Tuesday)

8:00    Accreditations

9:30    Opening ceremony

10:00   Museum tour

10:45   Coffee break

11:15    Lecture “Persistence of forgetting / insistence of memory”
            Xavier Antich (Catalunya, Spain)

 12:00 Speakers session

“Towards a language of transformation in the Human Rights Museums”
Jennifer Bergevin (UK)

“Here’s where the story ends: my transition from curator to activist”
Adele Chynoweth (Australia)

Dilemmas in narrating the African Diaspora in América
Lucio Menezes Ferreira (Brazil)

13:00 Lunch

14:30   Lecture “Building museums in the midst of armed conflict”
            Martha Nubia Bello (Colombia)

15:15 Speaker Session

“Dirty war and its impact on Mexican laws
Elias Robles (Mexico)

15:35 Interview

“Peru, violence, extermination and narratives on barbarism”
Rocío Silva Santisteban (Peru)

16:30 Coffee break

17:00   Keynote speech “Challenges and dilemmas in storytelling”
            David Fleming (UK)

19:30 Welcome cocktail


Day 2 (November 29, Wednesday)

9:00    Lecture Our museums: building commitment to human rights”
            Ricardo Brodsky (Chile)

9:45    Speakers’ session

“Museums and social educators
Gabriela Aidar (Brazil)

“Nation and democracy at iconic national monuments”
Torleif Hamre, Anne Lovas (Norway)

“How can museums build commitment with public audiences?
Chihjui DiDi Lin (Taiwan)

10:45 Coffee break

11:15    Lecture “Giving visibility to the invisible”
            Javier Trímboli (Argentina)

12:00 Speakers’ session

“Imagining a museum of Democracy¨
Escuela Superior de Museologia de Rosario (Argentina)

“The SP-64: a tool from the Memorial da Resistencia de Sao Paulo”
Marilia Bonas (Brazil)

“Prisoners of science”
Colectivo Guías (Argentina)

13:00 Lunc

14:30   Lecture “Building legacies for the future”
             Patricia Tappatá Valdez (Argentina)

15:15    Announcing FIHRM 2018

15:25   Interview

“What are we talking about when we speak of Democracy Museums?”
Jane Smith (Australia)

16:30 Coffee break

17:00 Workshop

Digital art: suggestions for new forms of audience engagement”
Claire Taylor, Ailsa Peate (UK)

18:15 End of working day

19:30 Tango show


Day 3 (November 30, Thursday)

9:00    Lecture “Narratives of pain and hope”
            Federico Lorenz (Argentina)

9:45 Speakers’ session

The tasks of memory today”
Viviana Nardoni (Argentina)

“The Constitution Hill Human Rights Precinct South Africa
Dawn Robertson (South Africa)

“Uses of Holocaust’s memories through a museum”
Wanda Wechsler (Argentina)

10:45 Coffee break

11:15   Lecture “Let me tell you a story”
            Jocelyn Dodd (UK)

12:00 Speakers’ session

A museum with no home: building a museum outside in
Adam Levin (Australia)

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Corey Timpson, Stuart Murray, Jacques Lavergne (Canada)

13:00 Conclusions

Closing ceremony

14:00 Boat ride on the Paraná River