FIHRM 2017 Speaker profile: Martha Nubia Bello Albarracìn

Professor at the National University of Colombia and former director of the Museo Nacional de la Memoria in Colombia will be giving a special lecture at the FIHRM 2017 Conference. Her address will focus on:


The Museo Nacional de la Memoria en Colombia was decreed by law as a symbolic reparation effort for armed conflict victims and as a strategy to comply with the State’s remembrance duty. The practice of building the museum has involved an interesting and complex challenge bringing to the forefront the value, tensions, disputes and negotiations of memory.
Challenges and complexities are associated specially to the following reasons. The the huge number of victims in our country, close to 8 million Colombians, making it almost impossible to come up with a process in which all of them feel represented. The diversity of the victims due to, among other reasons, the great length of the conflict, its extension in almost the whole of the national territory, the presence of different perpetrators and the expression of multiple modes of violence.
Victims in Colombia are neither a sector of the population nor a homogeneous collective. It could be said that they reflect the enormous diffculty of building consensual narratives of our history of violence. A challenge made even more difficult since our practice takes place amid armed conflict and an ongoing political negotiation, tainted by polarisation, mistrust and prevention which, unavoidably, affect them.

About Martha  Nubia Bello Albarracìn

Social worker with a Master’s degree in Political Science. Professor at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Researcher at the Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica and former director of the Museo Nacional de la Memoria. Expert in Human Rights, memory, political violence and psychosocial work. Author and co-author of 17 books. Coordinator of the National Report: Basta Ya Colombia. Memorias de guerra y dignidad. (Colombia…enough! Memories of war and dignity). Remarkable for her teaching excellence, she was awarded the Universitarian Merit Medal and was chosen as one of the 20 outstanding leaders in her country in 2015.

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